The fight against advertising fatigue.


In-your-face-marketing and forced ad viewing has taken it’s toll on weary consumers who feel like they’re being stalked by brands. They’re putting up walls to quiet the noise and can smell bullshit branding a mile away. Brands need to be open and honest and engage with consumers on their terms, their platform.



Today’s consumers are storytellers, using video and images to narrate their lives with Snapchat as their platform of choice. Savvy brands are becoming storytelling tools through Snapchat filters, Kraft recorded 20M people spending an average of 20 seconds playing with their custom filter while Taco Bell got 224M views with a taco face filter - proving people can get excited for just about anything, as long as it’s fun - or funny.


‘Adblocking is up 94% YoY on mobile.’



The perfect union of video and short-form content, Snapchat, is a consumer favourite. And it’s not just the format that’s appealing but the power to swipe away boring, irrelevant ads. But when a video does resonate and the viewer chooses to explore the ad further brands have a unique opportunity to connect with their most engaged consumers through long from video, articles, app installs or mobile websites. The ‘swipe-up’ rate for video ads is 5x higher than click-through rate on comparable platforms.


‘On any given day Snapchat reaches up to 41% of all 18-34 year olds making it a prime platform for advertising to millennials.’



Millennials and Gen Z have grown up in world of constant supposed innovations and revolutions and will mute any overdone promise of an authentic experience or craftsmanship heritage story. Re-engage with jaded consumers by ditching the smokescreen and telling it how it is. In a campaign for Optus, Ricky Gervais tells the camera he only agreed to endorse the brand if he could put in no effort and be paid ‘a shed load of cash’ - an unadvertising approach that paid off in positive comments and social shares.



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