Physical product design.


Treeboard / Technology Design

Eco-friendly, adaptable, the Treeboard has an interchangeable top layer allowing users to create a fully customizable keyboard layout to be used with specialist software programs.

Basal Sun lounger / Furniture Design 

An ergonomic, customizable lounger designed for relaxation and vitamin d intake. Minimal materials and components ensure simple, affordable and fast manufacture.

Sandscribe / 3D Printer

A CNC 3D printer which takes high-res photographs, simplifies them into a dot matrix and imprints the resulting image into the sand. 


Illuminate umbrella / Light Installation 

Designed as an interactive installation as part of the Christchurch City LUX Festival this unique umbrella is touch sensitive, turning on when hit by a raindrop.

Cross Stack / Retail Display System

A parametrically designed shelving/retail display system that can be customized to different dimensions and are easily stackable.