Strategy Overview

Persona example.

Following on from research into the overarching mindset of the tech savvy, urban millennial in Asia, these personas were created to further clarify and define attitudes & behaviors of three primary audience segments. At a local level each segment will index differently for both psychographic and demographic factors. Though they share key motivations globally, certain motivations will be more of a priority based on their cultural, economic and geographic context.  

Next Gen

18-24   Student   $


Key Drivers: Identity, Community, Performance

Living at home or relying on parental support this is likely their first big scooter purchase. Fiscal value matters more to their parents who will finance the purchase, but they still have a more-is-better attitude when it comes to features and accessories. Growing up in a world marked by both global strife and technology revolutions they are committed to building a better future and are drawn to brands with aligning values. Identity is their biggest driver, style makes a statement and they want to make the right one. Next Gen ride further for longer but a scooter not only empowers freedom, it connects them to their tribe. It's all about the experience, from the thrill of the ride to the likes online.


Influences & expectations

Mobile first and constantly connected, live-streamed content is the most effective and engaging. They use social media almost exclusively to find information on products and interests, looking not only to high-profile users for suggestions but also peers with similar socio-economic status for more relevant, accessible brands. With the path to material success becoming less smooth they are instead ambitiously pursuing meaning over materialism. Brands can help them explore this new lifestyle mindset by going where state-owned media won't. 


25-34   Young Professional   $$


Key drivers: Innovation, Idenity, Value

They're making money but not enough to be frivolous, they have high performance expectations and want the best value for the most deliverables. Innovation is key, as avid netizens they are well aware of how quickly tech advances and want to be sure they are investing in something both physically and digitally durable. Digital tools make their everyday easier and they seek devices that continually customize, pre-empt their needs and connect with other apps they use. They're online all day, every day and craft their identity through the content they consume and produce. It's important that the brands they're connected to support their vibrant, modern persona. 


Influences & expectations

Their online realm is a place for inspiration, but also for debate and support. They seek information sources beyond their regional and social circles to expand their horizons, get a new perspective and gain knowledge on things that matter to them. They look to social influencers and blogs for recommendations while also researching forums and reviews from people like themselves to get a more unbiased, holistic viewpoint. There's a growing interest in 'cultural industries' such as design, architecture and writing, and brands have the opportunity to create online spaces that allow them to explore and experiment with these emerging cultures.

New Leaders

35+   Mature Enthusiast   $$$


Key drivers: Innovation, Community, Performance

Affluent and engaged, they're looking for a secondary form of transport to both make small commutes more convenient and as a fun leisure activity. Highly technology savvy they expect top performance and will pay more for innovative and exciting features as this makes a product decidedly more desirable. They're engaged with current events and have a global perspective on the future which drives them to invest in brands who have strong social and environmental values. They've witnessed the effects of the industrial revolution and see digital innovation as the foundation for a brighter future. 


Influences & expectations

As avid tech enthusiasts, specialist technology blogs and big name brands have a big influence on what they perceive to be cool and covetable. They spend less time online but have a few go-to platforms and resources for finding inspiration. Entertainment is important to them, they're avid gamers and enjoy content that is interactive and intuitive. Mobile has changed the shopping experience to be faster, more efficient and personal, they transition from social to shopping platforms seamlessly and expect the same conversational content.


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